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Hi! I’m Martha and I make soap, and to be a little more specific, I make an all natural bar soap using potassium hydroxide, rainwater filtered twice, and Himalayan salt. I like to learn something new each year so in 2012 I decided to try to make soap the old fashion way with oak wood, ashes, and rainwater.

So here is my short story.

I have always tried to keep my family’s lifestyle as natural and chemical free as possible and that is not easy! However if I can control the amount of chemicals used in our home then I will to stay as chemical-free as possible. Learning to make an all natural soap using wood ash, rainwater and luxurious oils was challenging, but I was determined! No matter how hard I looked I could not find a recipe. I was determined to make a natural bar soap that I started to develop my own recipe. I learned how to seep the rainwater through the wood ashes and little by little made up my own recipe for making soap. My mother has received a number of bars that were either too soft or oily and some just went moldy.

Working on the recipe off and on for the next several years and by trying numerous ingredients I finally found the right amount of lye, water, oil, and salt for the recipe that I have today, a hard bar soap made naturally with potassium hydroxide. Everywhere I searched online the consensus was that you can’t make a bar of soap naturally with potassium hydroxide. I am proud to say that I have now developed a recipe to do just that. Over a period of the last 6-8 months and tweak it to become my all natural conditioning bar of soap.

I developed my label by researching my soap making process. The soap that I have developed is traditionally called a “Sailor Soap” as sailors would make their own soap while at sea with ashes, oil, and seawater. That soap was liquid. The name of my soap is “Waves” named for the women serving in the Navy Reserve during WW II (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service). I thought that it was a perfect name for my soap and I just love the connection to the soap that I make today.

My soap will lather in fresh, brackish or saltwater. It is conditioning to your skin, it has no chemicals, it is all natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

I hope that you will love and enjoy my soap and want more!


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